San Fernando Water Front Project

The San Fernando Waterfront Redevelopment Project is one of the largest regeneration projects in Trinidad and Tobago to date, with the aim of enhancing the economic, social and cultural vitality of the city of San Fernando and its environs.

This transformative project includes opportunities for international and local tourism, expansion of the business sector, improved transportation facilities, development of leisure facilities, increased family oriented spaces and activities, as well as preservation of historical assets.  At the heart of this project is the aspiration of green growth, led by the city of San Fernando.

Substantial preliminary work has been undertaken.  Expected components of the project include:

  • Reclamation of land at King’s wharf North with a targeted completion date of November 2020.
  • Establishment of a small fishing facility and jetty along Hatter’s Beach.
  • Construction of mixed-use development inclusive of medium-income housing at Lady Hailes Avenue utilizing public-private partnership arrangements; and
  • The development of an administrative complex at Chancery Lane, San Fernando with 10 floors for office accommodation, 3 floors for commercial space and 300 car parking spaces.

The main objective of the combination of these projects is to regenerate and add vitality to the southern city of San Fernando.