Ministry of Planning and Development and Environmental Management Authority Celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day 2017

The International Plastic Bag Free Day was a unique opportunity to spread the word that a plastic bag free world is possible, and that sound environmental alternatives to single-use plastic bags are available.  In 2016 alone, a staggering 402,122 single-use plastic bags were collected world-wide in one day during the International Coastal Clean-up exercise.  In Trinidad and Tobago, a total 1,240 plastic grocery bags were collected.  

On July 3rd, scores of organizations and hundreds of citizens around the world participated in events and awareness raising activities highlighting the environmental impact and hazards of single-use plastic bags, and promoting more sustainable solutions.  In Trinidad and Tobago corporate entities such as Massy Stores actively promoted the use of reusable bags at their chain of food stores nation-wide, while the Ministry of Planning and Development and state-partner , the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), used staff volunteers to canvass popular shopping areas close to its offices to encourage shoppers to switch to reusable bags.

In support of ‘International Plastic Bag Free Day’, the Ministry of Planning and Development joined forces with the EMA on Monday July 3rd to conduct a walkabout exercise to raise public awareness among shoppers in Downtown Port of Spain during the lunchtime period.  Shoppers were asked to  pledge to make the switch to reusable bags  and also have them personalized at our tent  station on the Brian Lara Promenade. 
The public is encouraged to consider making the pledge to switch to reusable bags this ‘International Plastic Bag Free Day’ 2017.