Government continuing to phase out ozone depleting substances

An air conditioning professional at work.
September 1, 2017:  Ozone Unit has begun this process with the adaptation of climate and ozone friendly technology in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector.  Air conditioning and refrigeration technicians are also being certified as part of a joint programme with the National Ozone Unit and the National Training Agency.  The aim is to have consumers adopt more environmentally friendly technology, as well as have a well-trained cadre of technicians to service and repair equipment and appliances. 
Some other national achievements so far include a 10% reduction of the HFC baseline in 2015, local manufacturing facilities have also received assistance to transform their production methods to more climate friendly chemicals in the aerosol, foam manufacturing and agricultural sectors. National compulsory labelling standards for refrigerant cylinders have also been implemented.
The Ministry of Planning and Development takes its environmental development mandate seriously and through international commitments such as the Kigali Amendment, is working to making the environment better for all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and to instill in all that environmental pride is national pride.