EMA, President’s Office collaborate on environmental project

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EMA, President’s Office collaborate on environmental project - CNC3

The Office of the President and the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) recently collaborated on an environmental sustainability project through the installation of iCARE recycling bins throughout the President’s residence.

The project sets the foreground for The Office of the President’s overall aim of eliminating single-use plastic bottles by 1 July 2023, a goal which the EMA is honoured to support.

Based on the number of staff, level of waste and size of the compound at The Office of the President, seven indoor bins and one metal outdoor bin were installed.

Translucent bags and educational materials including recycling posters were also handed over to The Office of the President.

Through this initiative, iCARE will now be able to collect post-consumer beverage containers such as plastic (PET/Type 1) bottles, drink cartons, aluminium cans and glass bottles from the President’s compound.

The iCARE project continues to expand the recycling infrastructure in schools, organisations and communities nationwide while increasing public awareness and participation in recycling as it aligns with the Waste Management Rules (WMR), 2021 and the National Environment Policy, 2018.

The EMA salutes The Office of the President for taking this environmentally conscious step towards achieving the vision of a greener and cleaner Trinidad and Tobago.