Budget Documents: Social Sector Investment Programme 2022

The Social Sector Investment Programme (SSIP) 2022 examines the social setting of Trinidad and
Tobago and it highlights all progress made toward attaining social transformation and development. It
also provides an overview of the national social context by scrutinizing existing and new social sector
initiatives. This includes investments made by the key social sector Ministries and the Tobago House of
Assembly (THA) toward social development and social protection, during the 2021 fiscal year. The major
Social Sector Plans for the fiscal year 2022 are also outlined in the document.

This year’s SSIP 2022 comprises three (3) Chapters and four (4) Appendices. Consequently, the
document continues to highlight peculiar circumstances attributed to the current global COVID-19
pandemic, which has and continues to have a significant negative impact on economic and social
development locally, regionally and internationally. It also provides a snapshot of achievements for the
period 2016-2020 as well as socio-economic events that are planned nationally through myriad lenses,
as the Social Sector navigates its way on the road to economic recovery.


See the link to the complete document below.