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As the chief architects of the National Spatial Development Strategy (NSDS) the Town and Country Planning Division of the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development advocates that planning authorities should approach participation in a way that enables communities to:

  • be informed about emerging policies and proposals in good time;
  • put forward ideas and suggestions and participate in developing proposals and options;
  • be consulted on formal proposals;
  • be involved in consultation activities in locations that are widely accessible; and,
  • give and receive appropriate feedback.

Public inclusion has been occurring all throughout the development of the NSDS. After the 1st draft of the NSDS was publicly disseminated, the Ministry concurrently embarked on an aggressive media campaign to build awareness as well as to help attract persons to a second round of public consultations held in May/ June 2013. Aside from oral representations at the consultations themselves, persons were also invited to submit their comments and concerns directly by email or by “joining” the conversation on facebook and twitter. The feedback generated, as well as the revisions to the NSDS documentation that occurred as a result has been captured in this NSDS Public Consultation Report.

Although, the NSDS is currently on its way to statutory adoption in Parliament, this is by no means the end of your say and all are encouraged to engage in the parliamentary process as the NSDS is further shaped through the cut and thrust of debate.

The NSDS introduces a number of new ideas and concepts currently at variance with certain core aspects of a modus operandi entrenched in this country for many years. Implementing and enforcing some of these changes therefore will require a concerted effort from all citizens. Your suggestions on how to further develop some of these concepts in a realistic way will be greatly appreciated as we move forward toward detailing mechanisms and processes. Please email your comments/criticisms/suggestions to

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The following documents describe the process of preparing the NSDS, the methodologies used, alternatives strategies that were considered, etc. A large amount of factual information was gathered and analysed during the preparation of this Strategy, providing an evidence base to inform its Vision, Objectives and Policies.

Comprehensive Economic Development Plan (CEDP), 2013-2017

The goal of the CEDP 2.0 is to transform and diversify the Tobago economy such that it is better able to adjust to rapid changes in the national and international economies by producing products and services in which it can retain a competitive edge.