The National Spatial Development Strategy (NSDS) is a route map to guide the next 20 years in the continuing journey of national development. The NSDS provides the framework for decisions about the ways in which the national space will be used and developed over the next decade and beyond.

Based on your feedback thus far, extensive revisions have been made to the initial Draft NSDS. The finalised version of the NSDS can be accessed here and has now been tabled for statutory adoption in Parliament.

The Role of Spatial Planning

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Traditionally, land-use planning has focused quite narrowly on the regulation and control of land. Spatial planning takes a wider, more inclusive approach.

Spatial planning considers all matters that influence, and are influenced by, the ways in which people use places and space. By considering the interrelationships between such a wide range of factors, spatial planning can provide a key delivery mechanism for achieving sustainable development.

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Aiming for Sustainabilty

Aiming for Sustainability

Planning for a sustainable future lies at the heart of the vision for Trinidad and Tobago – aiming for people and communities to flourish, prosper and enjoy healthy lives, while also playing their part in maintaining natural resources locally and globally.

Sustainable development is, therefore, the overarching aim of the Strategy, embracing all the objectives set out under the other themes.

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