Permanent Secretary


    As the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Planning and Development it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.  This is one of our main portals to connect with you and share not only what we are doing as a Ministry, but to hear your views on the matters that concern you.  Over the years, this Ministry has accomplished a tremendous amount of work together with all of our counterparts in the national development process. 
    Most recently, we are focused on economic transformation via the limitless opportunities available to us in the information technology enabled services sector.  Our environmental divisions are charting the course to make environmental pride tantamount to national pride, we are embarking upon bold new systems for our spatial development processes and our statistical system is also being enhanced.  We are also coordinating the development of the National Development Strategy for Trinidad and Tobago, Vision 2030, which will be available soon on this platform for public access and feedback.
I again encourage you to connect with us, let us know what you think, be a part of the conversation. 
     We see ourselves as architects of the future, contributing to the national development of Trinidad and Tobago, keeping in mind that if we are able to aim for global standards of achievement and success, what we do today will benefit us not only for today, but will set a sturdy path of sustainable development for future generations benefitting not only our nation, but the entire global community.

    I thank you for spending time with us.