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Seminars: 49th Annual Board of Governors Meeting T&T 2019

The findings and recommendations of related CDB-financed studies will be presented during three seminars - From Vulnerability to Resilience: You Choose; Agriculture: A New Paradigm; and A Digital Caribbean.
Please see the frameworks and the agenda for the seminars below.

Wednesday, June 5: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Agriculture: A New Paradigm
The Bank, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organisation, is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of Caribbean agriculture.  This is part of an ongoing revision of CDB’s agriculture sector policy and strategy, which dates back to 1981.
CDB’s objective is to play a significant role in transforming regional agriculture into a sector that is competitive, inclusive and sustainable.  The seminar will facilitate an exchange among key stakeholders about:
The key findings of the CDB-financed study.
Appropriate measures and actions at the national and regional levels to reverse the stagnation in agriculture.
The scope for building partnerships between CDB, Borrowing Member Countries, and regional and international agencies to key concerns and issues affecting the sector’s development.
A short video presentation describing the status of agriculture in the BMCs will precede the panel discussion.
A Ministry of Finance Representative, “Agriculture As A Driver for Economic Growth In CARICOM Member States”;
Mr. Jose Alpuche, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Belize, "Overcoming Barriers to Interregional Trade In Agriculture; and Promoting Regional Integration to Overcome Agriculture Sector Related Challenges";
Mrs. Nirmala Debysingh-Persad, Chief Executive Officer (Ag), National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO) of Trinidad and Tobago “Strengthening Market Linkages”; and
A Young Female Farmer, “Overcoming the Barriers to Participation in the Agricultural Sector”.
Wednesday, June 5: 4:15 PM - 6:15 PM
From Vulnerability to Resilience:  You Choose
This panel discussion, which will be led by CDB’s President, is designed to provide context to the multi-dimensional nature of vulnerability and resilience in CDB’s Borrowing Member Countries.  It will draw attention to best practice solutions and policies to arrest the challenges associated with these vulnerabilities. Panelists will be provided with an opportunity to share perspectives and engage participants in a discussion on how the Region can best treat with its vulnerabilities; and build resilience as it moves along the path of economic and social transformation towards sustainable growth and development.
Thursday, June 6: 10:00 AM - 12 NOON
A Digital Caribbean
ICT is the fastest growing industry today, driven by the rapid pace of development and adoption of new technologies largely due to the liberalisation of and increased competition in service markets. This has contributed to waves of digitalisation and digital transformation globally, with new economic rents being extracted from the digital economy.
The Session will start with a 3-5 minute animation video on how we envision a Digital Caribbean in 2050, and will be organised, for the first time, around three “peer-to-peer” chats involving six speakers. The objective is to discuss the current state of digital transformation in the Caribbean. The speakers will be able to highlight their experiences, and their recommendations for advancing the Region’s digital transformation agenda. Presentations will address three critical aspects of digitisation, namely:
• Regulation and Governance (digital money and currencies)
• E-Government
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship
An interactive discussion between panellists and the audience will follow the presentations.
 Peer-to-Peer Chat Groups
Peer-to-Peer Chat 1: Regulation and Governance
Chair:           Ms. Michelle Marius, Director ICT Pulse, Jamaica
Mr. Gabriel Abed, Chief Executive Officer, BITT
Mr. Timothy N.J. Antoine, Governor, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Peer-to-Peer Chat 2: E-Government
Chair:           Ms. Golda Lee Bruce, Development Storyteller, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister of the Bahamas
Hon. Marsha Caddle, Minister of Economic Affairs and Investment, Barbados 
Peer-to-Peer Chat 3: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Chair:           Mrs. Therese Turner Jones, General Manager, Caribbean Country Department Group, IDB
Mr. David Cox, CANTO
Mr. Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, Entrepreneur and Investor Founder and Chief Executive Officer, the Infiniti Partnership, Jamaica