Planning Ministry collaborating with Microsoft, Fujitsu, Digicel and fishing community to curb water pollution

A Water Quality Monitoring Buoy will be deployed in Claxton Bay which uses state of the art technology to provide early detection of environmental incidents such as fish kills and oil spills.  This will be a major step in IMA’s work in the marine environment.  A prototype will be deployed on October 25, 2017 in the waters off the Claxton Bay Fishing Depot in Claxton Bay.
The underwater sensors positioned on the buoy will provide real time data on environmental parameters such as hydrocarbon levels, water temperature changes, oxygen concentration, turbidity, salinity and pH.  The IMA collaborated with Microsoft, Digicel and Fujitsu and the location for deployment was selected by fishers from the Claxton Bay community and the installation will be done with assistance from the fisher folk and the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard.
This project represents a critical partnership between government, private sector entities, and stakeholders to collect pertinent scientific data that could be used to manage environmental incidents and address pollution in the Gulf of Paria.  Based on the success of this buoy, an effort will be made to have more installed in the marine space around Trinidad and Tobago.