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In its mission to support the advancement of Trinidad and Tobago’s positioning as a renowned location for the global provision of Information Technology enabled services (ITeS), the Ministry of Planning and Development’s Global Services Promotion Programme (GSPP) yesterday partnered with ExporTT and local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), RSC International, to host another of their IT capacity building workshops.
The event held on  Monday July 10th 2017,  was one of several being held by the Ministry’s’ Global Services Promotion Programme (GSPP) with the aim of creating digital immersion for participants. Through the Ministry’s’ partnership with RSC International, we are aiming to empower local NGOs, social development groups and community agencies using digital technologies to assist them in enhancing their operational efficiency throughout the IT Enabled Services (ITeS) sector. 
Photo 1: RSC tutor and Participants in GSPP's Computer Repair and refurbishment demonstration

Yesterday’s attendees included participants represented through the Gift for Life Foundation, members of the visually impaired community, various women’s organizations focused on gender equity and empowerment and students from the Caribbean Union College. The workshops centered on computer repair and refurbishment, robotics and game design, computer skills for the visually impaired and digital media train –the- trainer  training provided to participants to teach their peers.
Guest presenters included the Social Justice Media Foundation (digital train-the-trainer), Mr. Neverson Cheesman (IT skills for the visually impaired), Local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) advocate Ms. Joanna Andrews, and retired primary school teacher Ms. Lynette Sinanan. 
Photo 2: (L-R) Ms. Rayan Ramoutar (GSPP Consultant); RSC International CEO Mr. Raj Ramdass ; ExporTT Trade Manager Mr. Chrisen Maharaj; Ms. Sugan Ramdass; Head of GSPP Mr.Tracy Hackshaw; Mr. Neverson Cheesman; Social Justice Media Representatives; Ms. Lynette Sinanan and Ms.Joanna Andrews..

Local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), RSC International, is in the process of conducting online workshops and peer to peer support teaching for local and regional students through their online teaching teams. These teams comprise several national scholarship winners and students who volunteer their time and services to disenfranchised groups and personnel to build capacity in academic and or business endeavors through ITeS training.
 A huge part of Monday’s proceedings required the building of local capacity through technological unity via these immersion technologies. They are just one incremental step toward internationalization for these individuals, institutions and eventually Trinidad and Tobago, challenging us all to change our problems, to opportunities using technology,  and thus affording young entrepreneurs and institutions the ability to seize limitless opportunities.