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Caribbean Urban Forum 2019

The Ministry of Planning and Development, through the Town and Country Planning Division, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, Bluespace and the Trinidad & Tobago Society of Planners presents the Caribbean Urban Forum 2019 (#CUF2019) from June 12-14.  See below for more information and go to
This year's theme:
Urban Resilience: Disaster and Climate Change Resilient Planning in the Caribbean.
Objectives of the Forum:

  • To analyse the susceptibility and resilience of existing urban and settlement patterns.
  • To analyse land use planning and urban management methodologies and processes to determine their efficacy in combating issues of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).
  • To facilitate greater awareness and capacity of institutions and professionals involved in planning and urban management at all levels to address Climate Change and DRR.

Purpose of the Forum:
To assist regional planners to develop policies that counter threats posed by natural disasters and the effects of climate change in an attempt to achieve Sustainable Development Goals through the National development Strategy; Vision 2030.