The Caribbean Development Bank’s 49th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors, hosted by Trinidad and Tobago through the Ministry of Planning and Development is aptly themed “Transformation”.

We continue to witness several global “disruptors” to development which impact our Region. These include the age of digitization, technological innovation as well as migration, all of which pose challenges as well as opportunities. The Region must therefore transform what we do and also how we do business, so that we do not merely adapt, but seize avenues for advancement.
This theme also represents a logical extension of and progression from the 2018 theme when the emphasis was on resilience-building.  Building resilience to climate change and other external vulnerabilities is an imperative if the Region is to make significant strides in ending poverty; but realising this goal, also calls for the pursuit of a comprehensive set of transformational strategies that cover all areas of human activity; challenge existing social values and norms; and lead to, at times, radical changes in attitudes, behaviours and belief systems.
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