Budget Documents: Public Sector Investment Programme 2022

The Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) is the public investment plan of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago funded through the Consolidated Fund (CF) and the Infrastructure Development Fund (IDF). It comprises programmes and projects of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) which are designed to achieve national socio-economic development objectives to realise the goals set out in National Development Strategy (NDS) 2016 – 2030 (Vision 2030), but also give effect to recommendations outlined in the Roadmap to Recovery Reports (RRRs) and the Community Recovery Report (CRR) for the immediate, short and medium term.

In direct response to the combined challenges that arose from the Covid-19 global pandemic and the fluctuations experienced in energy commodity prices, Government will adopt the RRRs and the CRR as core documents for the Medium Term Policy Framework 2022-2024 The underlying philosophy is to “build back a better” Trinidad and Tobago by engaging in the foundational activities which would continue to achieve the goals of Vision 2030, while accelerating recovery and transformational activities therefore returning the country onto the development trajectory.

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