August 4, 2017: Planning and Development Minister, the Honourable Camille Robinson-Regis has announced the creation of 5,275 new jobs based on projects undertaken by various Ministries through the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP). According to the Honourable Minister, the Ministry not only has oversight over the PSIP projects but keeps a keen eye as well on the number of jobs being created as a result of Government’s investment.
The Job Creation Report as at June 30th, 2017 indicates that the largest number of jobs was created in the Ministries of Education, National Security and Energy respectively. Continuing work on ECCE, Primary and Secondary schools as well as the expansion of the School of Dentistry at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex accounted for the increase at the Ministry of Education. Similarly, construction of video conferencing facilities for the Prisons, establishment of Life Guard facilities at the nation’s beaches, construction of the Penal and Mayaro Fire Stations, along with various construction and refurbishment works for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service accounted for their increase.
The table below identifies in greater detail the various projects and the numbers of persons employed as a result.

Ministry Programme/Project Name No. of Jobs Created
Agriculture Forestry Division 350
  Development of Forage Farms at Mon Jaloux 40
  Conservation and preservation of the Buffalypso 6
    TOTAL 396
National Security Improvements to Prison Buildings 10
  Construction of video conferencing facilities (Prisons) 12
  National Operation Centre Construction 60
  Establishment of Lifeguard Facilities 18
  Construction of Penal Fire Station 95
  Construction of Mayaro Fire Station 140
  Improvement works to Police Stations 50
  Refurbishment of Police HQ 25
  Upgrade of Property Rooms 20
  Refurbishment of Riverside Plaza 50
  Expansion of training facilities for Canine Unit 10
  Expansion of facilities at Homicide East 30
  Upgrade of Armoury and Ammunition Bunker 12
  Expansion of Valencia Police Station 15
  Establishment of Juvenile Booking Stations 30
  Expansion of Homicide facilities Cumuto 15
  Construction of Besson St. Police Station 300
    TOTAL  1492
Office of the PM Restoration of Stollmeyer’s Castle 60
  Restoration of Red House 82
  Restoration of President’s House 30
    TOTAL 172
Works & Transport Road Construction/Rehabilitation 108
  Upgrade of Drainage Channels 53
  Major River Cleaning Programme 10
    TOTAL 171
Sport & Youth Hockey Centre 5
  Brian Lara Recreation Ground  20
  Honeymoon Recreation Ground 7
  Leo Thompson Recreation Ground 2
  Northern Regional Ground 50
    TOTAL 84
Housing East POS Urban Redevelopment TOTAL 74
Com Development Construction of Community Centres 220
  Refurbishment of Community Centres 40
    TOTAL 260
Social Development Piparo Rehabilitation Centre 35
  Establishment of Social Displace Centres 15
  Implementation of Social Mitigation Plan 8
    TOTAL 58
CAST Tobago Construction of Meteorological Services Building TOTAL 41
Energy Development of Galeota Port 80
  Development of New industrial Sites 919
    TOTAL 999
Tourism Tourism Baseline Survey TOTAL 28
    TOTAL 5,275

Minister Robinson-Regis noted that with the expansion of current PSIP projects and the coming on stream of more projects in the various Ministries, she anticipated the continued upward trend in the number of new jobs being created and, by extension, the number of citizens who would benefit from employment.